The first Constitutional Prescribing consultation will take approximately 1 hour.
This is a lengthy interview which forms the bases of treatment and remedies.

Follow up consultations will take 30-60 minutes.

An Acute Constitutional Prescribing consultation can vary in length and can often be done over the phone for a reasonable price.


Constitutional Prescribing
Constitutional prescribing is used to treat you as a whole person rather than just the symptoms of the health issue. It looks at where the health issue stems from and what makes you vulnerable to this type of problem. Used to treat an ongoing problem.

Acute Prescribing
Acute prescribing is used when there is an acute situation such as the flu, the common cold, hay fever etc. Used to treat a once off problem.

Remedy Kit
A Remedy Kit consists of remedies to be used in an acute situation such as accidents, onset of a cold, constipation, travel sickness etc.
The kit comes with an instruction booklet:


Labour Kit
A labour kit is available for a small fee. This kit contains remedies specifically for the late stages of pregnancy and child birth. 


A Reiki session takes approximatly an hour.

It can also be combined with a homoeopathic consultation which will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours.